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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Charter Home School Academy!

Charter Home School provides an exciting opportunity for families to choose an alternative educational journey. We know that every child is unique and has many strengths, so we are excited to support you while you navigate through your educational path. We believe that all students can succeed with the necessary tools and structure that Charter Home School can provide. The CHSA program allows students to excel at their pace and take charge of their education!

We also know that students need additional support in areas of difficulty. Every student is assigned a supervising teacher who oversees your child’s education. This allows the parent and student one consistent source of guidance, available to answer any concerns and questions along the way.

The CHSA staff consist of extremely qualified, credentialed, and carefully hired staff. Our teachers work very closely with both the students and their families, forming positive relationships to help support each student and their individual needs.. 

CHSA is an independent charter under Visalia Unified. Therefore, we follow the VUSD calendar and have flexibility with the VUSD curriculum. The staff and administration are continually working together to improve curriculum and the learning process to prepare students for the next level of education. 

The CHSA program consists of both at home learning and on site learning. Students are required to attend grade-level academic classes, weekly, in addition to their weekly 1-hour meeting with their teacher and parent. Tutoring and academic support is offered to students who may need additional services or guidance throughout the week. In addition, CHSA provides weekly elective classes, clubs and opportunities to be enriched outside of the core curriculum. 

We look forward to working together with you and your child on this awesome opportunity and educational journey. 


Rebekah Moor, Principal